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What to know about coronavirus booster shots

Getting a coronavirus booster shot is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others. Here are common questions we’ve been hearing about boosters (updated January 2022). 

Can I get a coronavirus booster shot right now?

Likely, yes! But it does depend on the type of shot you got first. 

  • Johnson & Johnson: If you got your shot at least 2 months ago, the CDC recommends that you get a booster shot. 
  • Pfizer or Moderna: If you got your shots at least 5 months ago and you’re age 12 or older, the CDC recommends that you get a booster shot.  

Do I need to get the same type as my first shots?

Nope! You’re allowed to “mix and match” — so you can get whichever booster shot is offered at your local pharmacy, doctor’s office, or vaccine clinic. If you have questions about which type of booster shot to get, check with your doctor. For example, most doctors recommend that people who got the Johnson & Johnson shot choose a Pfizer or Moderna booster. 

Why do I need a booster shot? 

For most people, the first coronavirus shots work very well to protect against coronavirus — especially against serious cases where people have trouble breathing and need to go to the hospital. But over time, they may work less well against mild cases, especially with new variants like the Omicron or Delta variant — and even a “mild” case of coronavirus can feel like a serious illness!

That’s where the booster shot comes in. It’s like a power-up of protection to give you peace of mind and help keep the people around you safe. Health experts, including Devoted Health’s team of doctors, highly recommend getting the booster shot if you qualify. 

Okay, where can I get a booster shot?

Many pharmacies are offering booster shots. If you’re not sure where to get one, you can: 

What about the flu shot — do I need to get that too?  

Yes! The flu shot and coronavirus shots protect against different viruses. Doctors recommend both the flu shot and the coronavirus shots. You can even get both at the same time to save a trip to the doctor’s office or pharmacy. Just ask when you’re there. 

Where can I learn more about coronavirus vaccines in general? 

Check out our answers to common questions about the coronavirus vaccines. 

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention