What's different about Devoted?

We hold a deep belief that every member should be treated like Mom (or Dad) — with devoted and loving care, a profound commitment to their optimal health and well-being, and gentle respect for them and their time. This simple and essential approach empowers us to holistically rethink health care to enable the best possible care, outcomes, and experiences. When it comes to every member we serve, we are devoted.

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Personal Health Guides to Help Navigate the System

At Devoted Health, all of our members will be supported with personal health guides who will help members navigate the health care system , as well as to serve as a direct line in moments of need. This means us doing simple yet meaningful things like truly taking the time to resolve questions, or doing house calls for members who need extra support, as well as providing advanced clinical services such as telemedicine for urgent care or remote expert second opinions. Our guides work in partnership with our health care provider partners to enable better health for members, and are not only skilled and empowered, but also “wired to serve."


Simplified Experience with World-class Technology

Devoted Health is utilizing the best of modern technology to support our members and our provider partners, with a focus on simplification and transparency. We want to banish the days of administrative burdens holding providers back from doing their jobs, driving up unnecessary costs, and delaying and denying members the care they urgently need. By using the best of today’s technology, we aim to help providers deliver the best care and give members the best possible experience and service.


Better Health Outcomes with Top Providers

After many years of working with providers and also having been providers ourselves, we are acutely aware of how challenging it can be to work within and across the health care system. As a result, great providers cannot always serve to the best of their abilities and patients suffer.  Our founders want to flip the equation so that payer and providers are working together in partnership to deliver the best care for patients. We are partnering with top providers, focusing on preventive care, and driving incentives towards longer term and universally improved health outcomes.  We aim to achieve top satisfaction scores from both members and providers.