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At Devoted Health, we want to make it easy for you to care for our members. On this page, you'll find all the resources to help you do that, from provider guides and referral lists to detailed instructions on how to use our portal.

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Questions? Call us at 1-877-762-3515, 8am to 5pm.

Provider updates

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Provider learning center & resources

Get training resources for Availity, our Provider Portal, authorizations, checking member eligibility, and more.

State resources

Find state-specific provider quick reference guides and information about joining our network.

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Improving healthcare quality

Use these resources to improve Star ratings and the healthcare experience of your patients.

Using Availity

  • Log in to Availity to submit claims, check member eligibility, enroll for Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), access electronic versions of Explanation of Payments (EOPs), and request referrals and prior authorizations.
  • New to Availity? Register and get started.
  • Use our Provider portal training library to get training resources for Availity, our Provider Portal, authorizations, referrals, member eligibility, and more.


You have 3 options to submit claims to us: Change Healthcare, Availity, or paper claims.

Change Healthcare
You'll need to work with your practice management system to connect to Change Healthcare.

You can use Availity to submit claims, referrals, and more. See our claims resources for detailed instructions.

Paper claims
We suggest submitting your claims electronically through Change Healthcare or Availity. If you'd rather use paper claims, here's the data you'll need:

Make sure to send your paper claims to:
Devoted Health, Inc.
PO Box 211524
Eagan, MN 55121

Send any mail via USPS to ensure delivery. Some mail carriers don’t deliver to PO boxes.

Checking Claims Status

You can use the Devoted provider portal to check claims status and submit an electronic dispute. View our claims resources.


Practitioner Credentialing

Practitioner credentialing is initiated once a contract is executed and the practitioner is loaded into our system. We utilize CAQH applications to complete credentialing. To avoid delays in the credentialing process, please ensure the following:

  1. The CAQH profile is complete and contains all required information (including current malpractice insurance)
  2. Devoted Health is authorized to access the application
  3. Application has been re-attested within the past 120 days

Facility & Ancillary Provider Credentialing

The credentialing application can be used to send us facility and ancillary provider credentialing information once your group is contracted with us. Instructions are included in the application. You can find the application in Availity under Devoted Health's payer space. If you are not yet contracted and would like more information on how to be, please visit your state's resources at the top of this page.

Durable medical equipment

Before ordering durable medical equipment for our members, check our list of covered items.

To place an order, contact Integrated Home Care Services directly:

If you're located in Alabama, Hawaii, Illinois, Pennsylvania, or Texas, call us directly at 1-877-762-3515 for benefits questions or to find a provider.

OTC Catalog

2024 OTC Catalog: English | Spanish


Referrals & Prior Authorizations

Roster updates

Use these templates to update your rosters. Please email your updates to

Working with Devoted Health

Compliance policy and procedures