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Enrollment Materials

Scope of Appointment

Special Election Period

See Devoted Health's list of SEP's available for individuals affected by a disaster or emergency, and FAQs.

Active SEP List

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Fax Cover Page (CO + FL)

Fax Cover Page


Florida & Colorado
Devoted Health — Enrollment
PO Box 211157
Eagan, MN 55121

All Other States
Devoted Health — Enrollment
PO Box 211127
Eagan, MN 55121

Member Onboarding Experience

We want switching plans to be easy for new members. Find out how we make sure they know what to expect and feel confident that we’ve got them covered.

Member Onboarding Experience FAQ

Seminar Training

If you would like to be a seminar presenter for Devoted Health we ask that you reach out to your local sales leader. As a part of the process you will watch our seminar training video listed below, and you and your local sales leader will complete a seminar authorization form. These steps must be completed to be permitted to represent Devoted Health in a formal sales seminar setting.