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About Devoted Medical

What is Devoted Medical?

Devoted Medical is our in-house medical group with hundreds of doctors, nurses, and other clinicians who only see Devoted Health members. Their mission: to make sure every Devoted Health member gets the care they need to feel their best. 

Devoted Medical provides care virtually (by phone or video) and in members’ homes,* supplementing the care you get from your primary care provider (PCP) and your other doctors. 

Can I use Devoted Medical?

Yes! As a Devoted Health member, you can speak with a Devoted Medical provider anytime by calling our 24/7 Care OnDemand line. We can always lend a hand if you’re concerned about your health or having trouble getting the right care. 

I already have a doctor. What does it mean for them? 

You’ll still go to all your usual doctor appointments! Devoted Medical just offers extra care from a team that specializes in supporting your health and well-being as you age. Great healthcare takes a team, so we make sure to keep your PCP in the loop at every step of the way. 

Will it cost me anything?

Nope! There are no copays or other out-of-pocket costs to get care from Devoted Medical. 

What do I need to know before my first Devoted Medical visit?

We’ll walk you through everything you need. See more details here:

See Devoted Medical forms & resources

*In-home visits are not available in all counties.