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How (and why) you should quit smoking

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been smoking. It’s never too late to quit. Here are some tips that can help.

a calendar with a quit-smoking date

Why should I quit smoking?
For your health! No matter how old you are and how long you’ve smoked, quitting provides many benefits. It could:

  • Increase your life expectancy
  • Lower your risk of developing cancer
  • Lower your risk of getting heart and lung disease
  • Help protect the people and pets close to you from secondhand smoke

Why is quitting so hard?
Nicotine is what makes tobacco addictive. When you stop smoking, your body craves nicotine. There are a couple ways to help manage your cravings and make it easier to stop smoking.

  • Try Nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges. They give your body a small amount of nicotine without the other chemicals in cigarettes. 
  • Talk to your PCP about drugs to help reduce cravings. There are currently 2 pills approved by the FDA that can help reduce your urge to smoke.

Where else can I find help?
There are many ways to get help quitting.

  • Call a quitline to get free coaching and support
  • See if your state offers resources like starter kits, coaches and personalized quit plans
  • Use an app like QuitGuide or quitSTART to get tips and track your goals
  • Try a text message program from
  • Online support communities to talk with other people who are quitting 

The takeaway:
Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but there are lots of benefits to making it happen. Here’s what to remember.

  • Quitting smoking is good for you!
  • Talk to your PCP about how to manage cravings.
  • Get help! There are lots of different options out there that can support you while you’re trying to quit. Do some research and see what might work for you.