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5 unexpected benefits of healthy teeth

Enhance your quality of life with these 5 surprising perks of maintaining healthy teeth from good dental hygiene, teeth cleaning, affordable dentures, and more.

A Devoted Health couple brushing their teeth in front of a bathroom mirror.

Love dentists or dread them, we all know it’s important to care for our teeth. But it’s more than just avoiding cavities and yellow teeth. From smiles and kisses to jokes and laughter, our mouths have a lot to say about us. Here are 5 surprising reasons to keep up with brushing and flossing.

  1. Eat better — and enjoy it more
    The foods we love fill our bellies and souls. But dental problems can gum up the works. Before getting dentures*, Devoted Health member Opra told us, “I was walking around toothless, scared to chew!” Happy mouth, happy eating, happy you.
  2. Speak with confidence
    When dental issues impact how you sound, you might shy away from conversation. After getting his affordable dentures, Opra said, “I can confidently talk in public now. So much so that my friends tell me I can be quiet!”
  3. Feel more like you
    Your smile leaves a lasting impression of who you are. Before Devoted Health member Jane had a tooth repaired*, she said, “I felt like I had to cover my mouth. I told my dentist, ‘I’m a singer and a speaker!’” With her smile restored, she’s no longer holding back.
  4. Light up the room with your smile
    For Jane, the first graders where she volunteers never fail to bring her joy. For Opra, it’s watching his dog’s antics. Talk to either of them for even a short while, and you’ll see high- wattage smiles that leave you feeling good for days.
  5. Take care of your heart
    Seems wild, but your oral health affects your heart too. If the natural bacteria in your mouth get out of balance with lack of care, it can lead to an infection in your heart. That’s a big reason to brush twice a day.

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